13 June 2017

Industry consultation and next steps

Consultation on the Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) for commercial refrigeration took place in August 2016. Public sessions were held in five cities in Australia and NZ, with 90 companies represented and 20 written submissions.

The consultation Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) considered policy proposals to improve the average energy efficiency of refrigerated commercial refrigeration, namely:

  • refrigerated display cabinets – commercial fridges, including those with transparent doors or lids and drinks chillers, all of which display food for sale.
  • refrigerated storage cabinets – a sub-category of commercial cabinets (also known as professional or service cabinets) that are often used behind the scenes in kitchens or by catering companies.

The consultation RIS looked at five policy proposals to update and revise the existing Standard to reflect the growing commercial cabinet market.  While the current regulations go some way by promoting and developing more energy efficient commercial cabinets, there is significant scope to simplify and revise the existing requirements to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Overall the submissions supported the proposed option 4 to adopt ISO and EN test methods and European Commission MEPS levels. There was strong support for monitoring and enforcement of compliance, as well as online labelling. Some submissions included the need to clarify the implementation timeframe and registration implications.

Since the consultation, the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority in NZ (EECA) has convened a technical working group consisting of industry representation, to consider if any technical alterations to the standards and regulations are required and to advise on implementation. The standards under consideration were:

  • ISO 23953 Refrigerated display cabinets,
  • EN 16825 Refrigerated storage cabinets and counters for professional use,
  • EN 16902 Commercial beverage coolers,
  • EN 16901 Small ice-cream freezers, and
  • EN 16838 Refrigerated display scooping cabinets for gelato.

The technical discussions should be completed by the end of June 2017, followed by an invitation for industry feedback in August 2017.  Final recommendations will be made to New Zealand and Australian Ministers later this year.

The next update on commercial refrigeration, which will include information on the way to provide feedback, is planned for late July/August 2017.

For further information, please contact Grace Chiang via Grace.Chiang@eeca.govt.nz or Brian Fitzgerald via Brian.Fitzgerald@eeca.govt.nz.