29 August 2016

Decorative tungsten filament lamps exceeding 25 watts unable to be sold in Australia

Tungsten filament incandescent lamps were phased out in Australia from 2009, apart from candle, decorative and fancy round lamps 25 watts and below. These lamps are not covered by the GEMS (Incandescent Lamps for General Lighting Services) Determination 2016 (Determination), and therefore can be sold in Australia without the requirement to first register under the GEMS Act.  

The GEMS Regulator recently tested 13 models of decorative tungsten filament lamps, marketed as 25 watts, to confirm they were in fact 25 watts (or less).

Three models tested greater than 25 watts, meaning they are not legal for sale in Australia.

The GEMS Regulator is working with these suppliers to ensure lamps marketed and supplied as 25 watts are in fact 25 watts or less.

The GEMS Regulator reminds all suppliers that supplying models of GEMS products that are not registered or that do not comply with GEMS requirements is considered an offence under the GEMS Act and enforcement action may be taken when non-compliant models are found.