24 April 2017

Where is your Energy Rating Label?

The first quarter of 2017 has been busy for the GEMS Inspectors with inspection activities focusing on regional areas and across a variety of retailers.  Products requiring an Energy Rating Label were a major focus of the inspections and the majority of retailers and suppliers visited were aware of their obligations under the GEMS Act.   

However, inspectors continue to find some retailers who demonstrate little to no understanding of the legislation and what it means for their business.  In response, Energy Efficiency Compliance staff met with head offices of a number of national retailers over recent weeks to provide specific guidance and tailored information to help their stores comply with their obligations under the GEMS Act.   This is encouraging retailers to examine their operations more closely to ensure that the Label is correctly displayed in stores.

GEMS inspectors will now target their labelling inspections at televisions and computer monitors.  Problems observed range from models with ‘no label’ to models where the Label has been obscured, either by a price ticket or other marketing material.  Fixing the Label to some of the newer, more streamlined designs may be partly responsible for the increase in non-compliance however retailers and suppliers are reminded that the Label must be displayed so that it is clearly visible and forward facing at all times.  It should not be obscured by barcodes, price tickets or other material.  If necessary, retailers should approach their suppliers for additional Labels. It is worth noting that as long as the size, content, colour and format remain the same, the Label may take the form of a ‘swing tag’ or plastic ‘hang tag’, instead of the traditional adhesive label.  Plastic ‘hanging tags’ are more commonly used on integrated appliances, such as fridges and dishwashers, so that the Label is still clearly visible at the front of the unit without detracting from the streamlined look of the cabinetry housing the appliance.

GEMS Inspectors will be targeting TVs and monitors over the next couple of months and we therefore expect to see significant improvements in TV and computer monitors’ labelling compliance.

The Compliance Team is happy to assist retailers with any queries in relation to the proper use of the Energy Rating Label.  Emails can be sent to E3.Compliance@environment.gov.au.