29 August 2016

Refrigerated display and storage cabinets

Interested parties have until 2 September to provide written submissions on the options proposed in the consultation Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) on commercial refrigerated display and storage cabinets.

More than 50 companies attended public consultation sessions held in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland and Adelaide (by phone).  The sessions proved a useful forum to discuss the options set out in the consultation RIS.  A number of written submissions have already been received along with nominations for the working group that will look at the proposed test standards.

The consultation RIS and the presentation given at the public consultation sessions is available here.

The closing date for written submissions is 2 September 2016.

New Zealand submissions should be emailed to regs@eeca.govt.nz

Australian submissions should be emailed to energyrating@industry.gov.au

Note: Submissions will be published on the energy rating website, as will the names of all stakeholders who have made submissions. If you do not want your submission to be published, please advise in the covering email that the submission is to be treated as confidential.