27 March 2017

Labelling and packaging information

Would a consistent label on light bulb packaging, or product marking requirements, help consumers purchase more energy efficient lamps? That’s the question the E3 Program hopes to answer through a consumer study via an online questionnaire, focus groups and in-depth shopper interviews.

E3 has commissioned a consumer study on the role and impact of lamp labelling and packaging information in the consumer purchase decision.

The study was conducted in two stages, through an online questionnaire in November 2016 and focus groups/in-depth shopper interviews during January 2017.

The aim of the study was to help determine if a mandatory label would assist consumers in purchasing energy efficient lamps or if mandatory information on the packaging, without specifying how the information should be presented, would be just as effective.

Results from the study indicated that:

  • Lamps are a low value, low engagement purchase that consumers typically put little thought into while in-store.
  • Price and direct replacement are key drivers for purchase.
  • Shopping can be a highly price sensitive decision - there is considerable resistance to paying $15 for one lamp, even if it does last for a long time.
  • Consumers do not have a strong belief that a more energy efficient lamps will have a noticeable impact on their energy costs.
  • Consumers are unlikely to pick up the pack so key information needs to be on the front.
  • Much of the on-pack information is not used or understood.
  • Scales represent an efficient way for consumers to make comparisons amongst available products.

The E3 Program is now in the process of examining the results, and will consider future direction based on consumer information needs, preferences and likely impact. This will form part of the Australian and New Zealand Governments’ broader lighting policy and regulation.

Results from the online questionnaire phase of the research are available here

Results from the later phases of the research – involving focus groups and in-depth shopper interviews - will be available in April 2017.