31 July 2019

Variations to existing registrations must comply with the GEMS Act

The GEMS Regulator would like to remind registrants of the correct use of variations in the registration system.

There are two types of variations: a ‘change request’ variation and an ‘add-a-model’ variation.

A ‘change request’ variation allows registrants to alter basic administrative information in an Approved registration, such as contact details or website information. With an approved registration, model numbers or energy performance values cannot be edited. There is no fee for a ‘change request’ variation.

An ‘add-a-model’ variation allows registrants to add models to an existing registration. This can include turning a single model registration into a family of models registration, or adding additional models to an existing family registration. A fee of $210 applies per add-a-model variation.

Limits apply to the number of models that can be added to a family of models registration. If a family registration has reached the number of models limit, the registrant must create a new family of models registration for any additional models. The registrant must not alter a family registration to replace an existing model with a new model.

Section 12 (2) of the GEMS Act defines a model by three parameters: unique identifier, brand and technical specifications. A change to anyone of these parameters in a variation is a violation of the Act.

The Energy Rating Team can amend grammatical or other genuine errors upon request. However, the test report and model numbers must align and changes of this nature will depend on when the product was made available to the market.

For further information on variations, please refer to our YouTube videos, linked below, or to the registration system help section:

Please contact the Energy Rating Team if you require assistance with variations.