19 December 2017

Decision Regulation Impact Statement - Household Refrigerators and Freezers

On 24 November 2017, Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Energy Ministers agreed to the Decision Regulation Impact Statement for Household Refrigerators and Freezers and accepted the following recommendations:

  • tighten and align the minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) levels applicable to household refrigerators and freezers to those adopted in the United States of America as at 15 September 2014
  • replace the regionally-specific AS/NZS 4474.1 test standard with the International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC) test standard IEC 62552 parts 1 to 3, published February 2015.

The Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) Program is now working with stakeholders to revise the related AS/NZS 4474.2 performance standard and the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (Household Refrigerating Appliances) Determination 2012 ahead of the introduction of new MEPS levels that are expected to become effective in Australia by 1 January 2021.

For New Zealand, the decision to accept the RIS recommendations is still subject to Cabinet consideration and the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) will advise stakeholders on this in due course. For more information on how these decisions are being implemented in New Zealand, you can contact EECA at regs@eeca.govt.nz.

Click here to download the Decision Regulation Impact Statement for Household Refrigerators and Freezers.