7 September 2018

Correctly Displaying the Energy Rating Label in Your Store?

GEMS market surveillance results demonstrate around 80 per cent of the required Energy Rating Labels (ERL) are being correctly displayed. However, for some products the level of compliance is much lower, with only 55 per cent of televisions displaying the ERL correctly. 

To assist retailers, a new video has been released and provides an overview of the legal obligations when displaying an ERL on products in store. GEMS Inspectors will use the video as part of market surveillance activities. It can also be used by retail store managers as a short refresher or training video for their staff.

Suppliers of products with an ERL are reminded to ensure the ERL is securely affixed to the product when being displayed in store. Other printing/adhesive options for the ERL (as noted in the video) may be used if the product design, such as frameless televisions, makes it difficult to securely attach an ERL.

For more information, contact compliance@gems.gov.au

Energy Rating Label - What Retailers Need To Know