28 February 2020

If you are supplying or selling products in Australia regulated for energy efficiency under the GEMS Act, you have legal obligations to make sure these products are registered. In addition, some products require an Energy Rating Label to be displayed correctly at point of sale.

Retailers and other suppliers should ensure all models in their stock are correctly registered before being offered for supply. The public Registration Database is available for retailers and suppliers to search to confirm their products are registered: https://reg.energyrating.gov.au/comparator/product_types/

Energy Rating Labels (ERL) must be visible on all display models, including any models in their packaging which do not have a corresponding display model on the shop floor. Each GEMS product determination has specific requirements about the ERL and how it must be displayed. In general, the ERL must be on the front, or if that is not possible, on the top of the product when it is on display.

ERLs must not be:

  • covered by promotional material, including price stickers or brand promotions
  • covered with other stickers or labels (such as product bar codes or stocktake stickers)
  • marked (e.g. written on with texta/marker pens)
  • faded or damaged.

It is not mandatory to display an ERL when selling products online, or when advertising (online and print). However, you may use the Energy Rating Icon which is a simpler version of the ERL. It helps provide information to potential customers about the energy rating of products before they make their final purchase decision. 

You can find further information at the Retailers and Tradies page or by contacting the Energy Rating team.