22 September 2015

The E3 Program and Smarter Choice Program have partnered to support retailers in assisting consumers to purchase energy efficient appliances.

The Smarter Choice Program has been operating in Victoria since 2007 and New South Wales since 2010, providing in-store brochures and training focused on the Energy Rating Label.

E3 and Smarter Choice share the same goal of seeking to reduce energy use, costs and emissions through the adoption of energy efficient appliances.

  • Retailers are central to achievement of this objective, as they have the direct interaction with the consumer when they are purchasing a new appliance. Helping customers estimate running costs of similar sized appliances provides the ‘real cost’ of an appliance and a more informed purchase choice.

With this partnership retailers can expect to have a central contact in Government regarding appliance energy efficiency. Further, we are pooling resources to deliver better products at the national level that align with retailers business needs.  E3 and Smarter Choice are currently working together on the following:

  • Online retailer training, to help retailers train their staff in energy efficiency, how to assist customers in choosing an energy efficient appliance that meets their needs and tips on minimising electricity bills.
  • Energy rating calculator, to embed on retail websites for use in-store or for users to calculate running costs online
  • Energy efficiency brochures, to explain the energy rating label and tips for reducing energy use and costs. Retailers can provide these resources in-store or for download from your site (coming soon).

Retailers are encouraged to use these products to understand how much money your customers can save by selecting a more energy efficient appliance.

We are keen to further engage with retailers on uptake of these products, as well as identify other solutions that will help your staff explain the benefits of energy efficient appliances.

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