3 April 2021

The Commonwealth Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, on behalf of the Committee overseeing the E3 Program, released three discussion papers on industrial pumps, compressors and boilers in November 2020. These papers considered how the E3 Program could be expanded to include these products in Australia and New Zealand.

Broader industry views were sought on the issues identified in the papers through to late January 2021, with submissions received from:

  • Rheem Raypack
  • TayMac
  • Bryn Martin
  • Cooke Industries
  • Bioenergy Association of New Zealand (BANZ)
  • Wallace Pumps
  • CalTest

Submissions will be used to inform the development of a Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS). Information on the Consultation RIS process will be published on www.energy.gov.au and www.energyrating.gov.au when available.