30 September 2016

The GEMS Regulator has identified an issue relating to the test methods and test standards for three phase cage induction motors (electric motors) listed in the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (Three Phase Cage Induction Motors) Determination 2012.

The current Determination refers to Test Method A (Method A) as aligning with the standards AS/NZS 1359.102.3:2000 or IEC 61972, and Test Method B (Method B) aligning with AS 1359.102.1-1997 or IEC 60034-2-1. Standard IEEE 112:2004 (USA) is also listed in the Determination as being technically equivalent to Method A.

The GEMS Regulator acknowledges that IEC 61972 has been withdrawn and replaced by IEC 60034-2-1, and that IEC 60034-2-1 is now aligned to Method A. There are now efforts underway to update the Determination accordingly, with consultation on a replacement Determination to begin in December.

In the meantime, the GEMS Regulator instructs all Applicants that any applications for electric motors must continue to meet the requirements of the current Determination until such time as a new Determination is in place. This means that the test method and test standard listed in any electric motors application must align with subsection 6(2) of the current Determination, as included below, or the Registration Database will not allow the application to proceed:

(2) Subject to subsection (3), for paragraphs 24 (1) (a) and 25 (b) of the Act, the requirements for conducting tests are:

(a) for method A—the requirements mentioned in sections 5 to 7 of AS/NZS 1359.102.3:2000 or sections 4 to 6 of IEC 61972; and

(b) for method B—the requirements  mentioned in sections 1, 3 and 5 of AS 1359.102.1-1997 or sections 5, 6 and 8 of IEC 60034-2-1.

You can view the current Determination here.