23 December 2015

Update: 24 December

Following a successful response from the Energy Rating Calculator story on Seven News (details below), Channel Seven's Sunrise program also aired the report on Christmas Eve.

The Sunrise report also featured an interview with Energy Efficiency expert John Dee from DoSomething.

Original: 23 December

Seven News has run a story promoting our very own Energy Rating Calculator, to help consumers make informed decisions in time for the Boxing Day sales this year.

View Seven News Report

If you are planning on getting a bargain on a new appliance this Boxing Day, use our Energy Rating Calculator to make sure you get the best deal.

The Energy Rating Calculator allows you to estimate how much electricity an appliance will use annually and converts this to a dollar value based on average electricity prices in your state.

Use the Calculator to compare the running costs of similar sized appliances to make sure you are getting the best deal – upfront and with ongoing running costs.

The Calculator works off the data displayed on the Energy Rating Label. Energy Rating Labels are an Australian Government requirement for new appliances

  • The more stars the more energy efficient the appliance
  • The lower the energy consumption score, the less electricity the appliance uses, and the cheaper it will be to run.

Appliances with more stars that are cheaper to run are not necessarily more expensive - so it’s worth using this Calculator to get the best deal and keep more money in your pocket.  Another benefit of this online tool is that it allows you to change the usage assumptions and average electricity tariff applied to tailor the calculation for your own circumstances.  

View the Energy Rating Calculator