31 August 2017

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority

EECA’s consumer brand Energywise™ is about providing information to New Zealand residents. Over the winter months, Energywise marketing demonstrates ways in which people can make their homes warmer, drier, healthier and more energy efficient.

This year there is a focus on household thermal performance and its importance in relation to having a healthy home.

To help our key audiences understand actions involved in household thermal performance, the information has been grouped into three themes – ‘The 3 essentials for a healthy home’:

  1. ‘Warm it up’ – this theme provides information about heat loss in the home, insulation and energy efficient heating.
  2. ‘Dry it out’ – information which addresses dampness at the source, e.g. installing extractor fans, moisture barriers, and leaking pipes that might cause mould and make homes harder to heat.
  3. ‘Air it out’ – information about removing the moisture which is part of everyday-living and makes homes harder to heat through ventilation.

The media strategy involves rolling out a range of five to 30 second videos across multiple media platforms to highlight behaviours and actions we encourage people to take. This is supplemented with digital advertising.

Check out some of ‘The 3 essentials’ videos here:

Air it out

Efficient heating

Coming home

And view our website here.