30 June 2015

A message from the GEMS Regulator, David Walker, who takes on a new role from 1 July 2015

As the very first GEMS Regulator, it has been my privilege to lead the E3 Program in its transition from a state-based to a Commonwealth scheme. Much has been achieved in these first two years of operation as we have bedded the program down.

I am particularly proud of the progress made with engaging the scheme’s broader stakeholders, including retailers and consumer groups. There is still more to do, though, for the program to achieve its full potential. The GEMS Review highlighted a number of issues which Energy Council ministers will consider at their meeting 23 July.  These included the need to strengthen and communicate the strategic focus for the program. Implementing the review outcomes will be a focus for my successor in coming months, along with work investigating the case for new standards or labels, on compliance, communicating energy efficiency benefits and providing an efficient registration system. I would like to thank the members of the E3 Committee and the E3 Review Committee for your support.  I know that I leave the program in good hands. Dwayne Purdy will assume the Regulator role in the interim and the appointment of my successor will be announced soon. Warm regards David