1 November 2017

Non-compliant refrigerator

A key aspect of the GEMS Regulator's comprehensive compliance monitoring program is annual post-market check testing of GEMS products. An undertaking has been accepted from Beko A&NZ in response to alleged non-compliance with GEMS labelling requirements. 

During 2017, the GEMS Regulator purchased a Beko refrigerator – Model: GN162320X for the purpose of check testing its compliance with the relevant GEMS determination. Testing of the model showed the projected annual energy usage declared by Beko in their registration and on the energy rating label was not accurate and potentially misleading to consumers.

In order to address this alleged non-compliance, Beko A&NZ have undertaken to:

•suspend the sale of any remaining refrigerators until the non-compliance is rectified

•compensate consumers who purchased this refrigerator for the undisclosed excess energy usage

•contact all retailers Beko A&NZ supplied this refrigerator to, informing them of the non-compliance and consumer compensation offer.

The GEMS Regulator has accepted this undertaking as an alternative to other enforcement action available to her for this alleged non-compliance. The GEMS Regulator will continue to monitor compliance with the GEMS Act and take swift action in response to any future instances of alleged non-compliance.