27 November 2019

The GEMS Regulator has released the reports for check testing (January to June 2019) and market surveillance (July 2018 to June 2019).

The Regulator has also released the GEMS Compliance Monitoring Program 2019–20, which outlines the GEMS Regulator’s compliance monitoring focus for 2019–20.

A snapshot of outcomes from the check testing and market surveillance reports is included below.

Check Testing

Check testing was completed on 51 models of GEMS products from January to June 2019. Of the models tested during this period, 45 met the relevant GEMS level requirements and energy efficiency claims at the completion of GEMS Stage 1 and Stage 2 check testing.

The GEMS Regulator responded to the six models that failed the check testing by:

  • agreeing to cancel the registrations of two models
  • agreeing to a solution presented by the registrant to bring a model back to compliance
  • enforcing the registrant correct a model’s registration and relabel all unsold units
  • referring a clothes washer and a dishwasher to the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) Regulator for further action.

Market Surveillance

The Market Surveillance Results July 2018 to June 2019 report outlines the surveillance results of the seven products regulated under the GEMS Act that are required to display an Energy Rating Label (ERL).

A total of 35,644 products were surveyed to ensure compliance with ERL requirements. Nearly 8,500 of these were checked for registration compliance, with 97.9 per cent of these being correctly registered.

The compliance rate for correctly labelled products during 2018-19 was 92.5 per cent which is a substantial improvement since 2016-17 when the compliance rate was 77.3 per cent.  A significant amount of education and engagement work has been carried out as part of the market surveillance program.