7 December 2016

Additional question added to form

 The GEMS Regulator advises that an additional question has been added to the registration form for computer monitors.

 The additional question “Is there a mechanical switch present?” has been added after it was found that one of the MEPS requirements listed in the computer monitors Standard AS/NZS 5815.2:2013 was not included in the system.

 Section 2 of AS/NZS 5815.2:2013 lists three MEPS requirements for computer monitors:

  1. On mode power
  2. Standby active mode power
  3. Off mode power.

The third requirement, off mode power, only applies to monitors with mechanical switches and it is not currently included in the registration form. 

To correct this issue, the question “Is there a mechanical switch present?” has been added to the Appliance Details page of the registration form.  As per section 2.4 of the Standard, a mechanical switch is required to put the device into off mode. When an applicant completes an application for registration for a computer monitor, they will need to answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to this question. If the answer is ‘Yes’, and a mechanical switch is present, the applicant will need to enter the relevant figure from the test report in the Off mode power output (tested) field that appears when the ‘Yes’ option is selected. This figure must be equal to or less than 1 W in order for the monitor to be deemed compliant against this MEPS. If no mechanical switch is present, this requirement does not apply and the applicant can select ‘No’.

This change only impacts new computer monitor registrations; existing registrations will not be affected.