23 July 2015

Energy Ministers respond to independent GEMS Review

Commonwealth, state and territory energy ministers today considered the independent GEMS review report by consultants, Databuild, and released their response to its recommendations.

The review considered the effectiveness of the Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) program, the Inter-Governmental Agreement and its underpinning legislation (the GEMS Act). It also identified possible efficiencies in the program’s delivery and considered its engagement with stakeholders.

Databuild’s key findings were that there was a strong case for a mandatory appliance standards and labelling programme; that GEMS aligns with government energy productivity policies and priorities; and that GEMS delivers significant economic and environmental benefits – cost effectively.

With the announcement today, the Commonwealth will now work with state, territory, New Zealand and Review Committee colleagues to implement the report recommendations agreed to by the Energy Council. The report and the Energy Council response are available below: