6 July 2018

The third annual GEMS stakeholder satisfaction survey has shown continuing high levels of satisfaction with registration and enquiry functions. Overall satisfaction was steady at 82 per cent.  Satisfaction with individual service elements was up across the board. Examples are an additional 12 per cent of respondents thought the product registration process was improving over time and 11 per cent more agreed communication with the enquiry team was clear, accurate and relevant.

Stakeholders were also much more likely, 64 per cent versus 58 per cent, to be satisfied with compliance and monitoring activities. One specific measure, ‘compliance activities take into consideration the operational needs of businesses’, improved by 10 per cent.

Comments like ‘The team reply quickly and are very professional’ are great to pass on to our staff while ones such as ‘With anything there is always room for improvement’ keep us on our toes!

Thank you to the 172 stakeholders who provided us with their feedback. With your feedback we can ensure we continue to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction.