27 October 2015

Recently we have made a number of changes to the GEMS registration system. Some were suggested by registrants themselves and should make your registration system easier to use. Other system changes have been made in line with our legal obligations.

The changes relate to: the process for creating applicants; ‘single model’ applications for External Power Supplies (EPS); better communication on returned applications; the recall of registrations; duplicate model numbers; and validation of product classes.

Changes to the Create Applicant process

We have modified this process in a number of ways to:

  • ensure we have a contact with the organisation actually supplying the product; and
  • enable the Energy Rating team to return ‘Create Applicant’ requests back to the supplier, rather than having to start from scratch when errors are made.

Changes to External Power Supply (EPS) applications

We have now ensured that only one model can be included in an EPS ‘single model’ application. This will prevent our assessment officers having to return such applications to registrants.

Improved email text for returned applications

When you receive email advice that an application has been returned to you, it will now include information on why it has been returned.  Previously this information was only available to applicants on the Notes tab.

Recalling registrations

When you wish your registration to be returned, you will now be able to recall the registration yourself rather than having to ask the assessment officer to return it to you. This will reduce the number of interactions required when you realise you have made an error on your registration application.

Changes to the duplicate models block

To more accurately reflect the language in the GEMS Act 2012, the system will now accept duplicate model numbers of the same brand with a different energy performance.

Better product class validations

The registration system will now validate product classes more accurately. This will have particular impact on air-conditioners, lighting products and electric power supplies.


More Information

For more information about registering a product, visit energyrating.gov.au/suppliers/registration.