31 August 2017

E3 working towards more efficient street lighting

With support from the E3 Program, the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) has released free LED and Smart Control Model Specifications to help public lighting buyers choose efficient LED street lighting and smart control systems.

The specifications have been downloaded over 2,000 times since their release in July 2017.

The model specifications are part of the IPWEA Street Lighting and Smart Controls (SLSC) Programme which brings government and industry together to accelerate the transition to modern street lighting in Australia to achieve a range of energy, environment, safety and smart city benefits.

IPWEA estimates a 50 per cent improvement in energy savings from replacing existing street lighting with LEDs, and a further 10-20 per cent saving from smart control systems.

In response to the IPWEA Street Lighting and Smart Controls (SLSC) Roadmap, that identified a number of regulatory barriers constraining the rollout of modern street lighting technology in Australia, the COAG Energy Council has established a street lighting working group to investigate issues and recommend any reform needed by December 2017. 

The E3 Program is co-ordinating state based workshops from August to October 2017 to discuss issues and identify potential reform activities, voluntary or regulatory, to further transition to efficient street lighting in Australia.