29 November 2016

IEA 4E Conference in Canada

In mid-November 2016, the International Energy Agency (IEA) held its 18th Energy Efficient End-use Equipment (4E) meetings in Ottawa, Canada.  As the Chair of the IEA 4E, Australia’s GEMS Regulator, Michelle Croker, led the meetings.

The meetings were a great opportunity for member countries to share experiences, exchange new ideas and gain insight into how other countries implement efficiency measures. One of the discussions, for example, focussed on possible policy responses for connected devices where post purchase downloads or updates could decrease product efficiency.

Ms Croker also chaired the 4E Executive Committee meeting held during the week. The Executive Committee oversees the funding and rollout of projects under the 4E Annexes such as the Motor Systems; Solid State Lighting; and Electronic Devices and Networks Annexes. 

There were a number of other interesting workshops held over the week, including:

Energy Policies for a Connected World - how device energy efficiency policies can evolve with the changing world of network connectivity and demand response initiatives. The E3 Program’s Simone Tiele presented on Australia’s development of demand response standards for air conditioners and other products, and on two energy company demand response incentive programs.

Energy Efficiency Leading Program Policy Exchange - discussion of policies related to the efficiency of appliances and equipment, particularly innovation in energy labelling and experiences with high efficiency programmes.

Electronic Devices and Networks Annex – discussion of smart metering and energy monitoring systems; connected audio; and intelligent efficiency policy opportunities.

Monitoring, Verification and Enforcement Workshop on the potential for electronic downloads to alter the performance of products in situ and possible policy responses.  Participants also discussed possible policy responses to ‘defeat devices’ sometimes found in regulated appliances.

Publications and presentations from the IEA 4E are available at http://www.iea-4e.org/publications.