9 October 2015
We now have a few ways to search for products registered for GEMS.

Missing media.On the ‘Retailers & Tradies’ page and the ‘Suppliers’ page there is a box about how to ‘Compare models’. This provides options to Search the Registration database, use the new Online Calculator and provides links to download the Mobile App.


1. Registration Database

Missing media.Selecting Search the Registration database opens the compare appliances feature that was available on the old website. It allows you to compare models from all product types.

There is also a link to the Registration Database on the Suppliers panel at the bottom of the homepage.


2.  Energy Rating Calculator

Missing media.The new Online Calculator, called the Energy Rating Calculator, allows you to search for a particular model number and compare it to other models.

This tool only includes products that are required to display an Energy Rating Label, such as washing machines, dryers, dishwashers.

It is most useful if you have already undertaken some research and have a few models in mind and want to compare the overall cost of the products, taking into consideration the purchase price and ongoing running costs.

We’ll be adding features to this Calculator over the next few months.


3.  Energy Rating App

Missing media.The mobile Energy Rating App also has a video showing you its features. The App is useful when you are researching products on the go or in store and want to compare several models.