10 July 2019

On 9 July 2019, the replacement Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (Three Phase Cage Induction Motors) Determination 2019 was published. 

The provisions of the 2019 Determination commenced on 10 July 2019. 

The only change introduced is the reinstatement of Method B of the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 112:2004 (and 2017) Test Procedure for Polyphase Induction Motors and Generators test standards as an alternative to Method 2-1-1B of the IEC 60034-2-1 Ed. 2 test standard, which was the sole test method in the 2018 Determination.

This means that you can now choose from IEEE 112:2004 and IEEE 112:2017, in addition to IEC 60034-2-1, when nominating a test standard in your motors application in the registration system. 

The 2019 Determination can be accessed here.