1 April 2020

What you need to know

From 1 April 2020, the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (Air Conditioners up to 65kW) Determination 2019 (Determination) comes into effect. From this date, all new registrations for air conditioners up to, and including, 65kW must be against this Determination.

The Determination introduces the following changes:    

  • Adopt the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) standard for star rating air conditioner energy efficiency.
  • A Zoned Energy Rating Label to be used on certain types of air conditioners.
  • Portable air conditioners manufactured or imported to Australia after 31 March must be registered and display a Zoned Energy Rating Label before being supplied or sold in Australia.

Some new tools have been released to assist registrants with submitting applications for air conditioners under the new Determination.

Existing registrations under the 2013 Determination will remain registered until their expiry date. If they are registered to the 2013 Determination only the old Energy Rating Label can be displayed. If suppliers wish to use the new Zoned Energy Rating Label the model will need to be registered against the 2019 Determination.

A new video outlining the recent changes to air conditioner registrations has been released on the GEMS Regulator YouTube channel.

This video, entitled "Changes to Registering Air Conditioners in Australia (up to 65kW)", details the changes to the registration of air conditioners under the 2019 Determination for units less than or equal to 65kW.

Please contact the Energy Rating Team if you have any questions.