25 February 2019

A GEMS workhorse retires

Colin Liddell, a Technical Assessment Officer for the GEMS Regulator, retires this month after 19 years of service with Queensland’s Electrical Safety Office (ESO). While GEMS itself has only been around for six years, Colin assessed applications for registration under the state legislation that preceded GEMS for significantly longer. 

Each year, the GEMS Regulator receives about 4000 applications for registration under the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (GEMS) Act 2012. Colin has been one of a small number of dedicated officers from the Queensland, Victorian and Commonwealth governments assessing those applications to determine if they meet the requirements for registration. It’s just one of many critical roles undertaken behind the scenes to ensure the GEMS Act is administered effectively.

Colin obviously has a talent for energy efficiency but over the years, has also put his keen technical know-how to good use working on equipment safety certificates and cathodic protection registrations. His early working life in power stations and coal mines clearly set him on the path to a career in the energy sector. In retirement, Colin has plans to use his own energy more efficiently, as he turns his focus from GEMS to the golf course.  

The corporate knowledge and experience brought by long-standing officers to GEMS has no doubt enhanced the success of this regulatory program. The GEMS Regulator and the ESO extend their sincere thanks to Colin for his contribution over the years and wish him well in retirement.