31 July 2019

New video and upgrade facility now available

Some new tools have been released to assist registrants with submitting applications for air conditioners under the new Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (Air Conditioners up to 65kW) Determination 2019. These include a video outlining the changes in the new Determination and a facility in the registration system allowing registrants to upgrade their existing registrations.

New Air Conditioners video

A new video outlining the recent changes to Air Conditioner registrations has been released on the GEMS Regulator YouTube channel.

This video, entitled "Changes to Registering Air Conditioners in Australia (up to 65kW)", details the changes to the registration of air conditioners under the new 2019 Determination for units less than or equal to 65kW.

Any feedback you may have on this or any of the videos on the YouTube channel is greatly appreciated.

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Upgrade facility for existing Air Conditioner registrations

A facility enabling registrants to voluntarily upgrade their existing air conditioner registrations to the new Air Conditioners Determination is now available in the registration system. 

This facility gives registrants the ability to upgrade any air conditioner that has been registered under the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps) Determination 2013 to the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (Air Conditioners up to 65kW) Determination 2019 without having to complete a new application.

For non-multi split air conditioners, it also allows registrants to replace their current Energy Rating Label with the new Zoned Energy Rating Label (ZERL). 

The new Determination does require additional information, so registrants will need to answer additional questions in the upgrade form.

There is a fee of $210 payable by the registrant for upgrading a registration.

View our video or read instructions for upgrading an air conditioner registration.

Please note that registrants are not required to upgrade their registrations. Existing models registered under the 2013 Determination will remain registered until their expiry date, even if this date falls after 1st of April 2020, when the 2019 Determination will come into force. Registrants only need to upgrade their registration if they wish to use the ZERL before this date.

Please contact the Energy Rating Team if you have any questions regarding the upgrade facility for air conditioners.