20 December 2018

New videos and enhancements to GEMS ‘Help’ resources

The GEMS Regulator continues its commitment to providing relevant, contextual assistance for registrants in the registration system through recent updates to the system’s Help section.

We have released several new instructional videos to assist registrants with their registrations. These include videos on renewing registrations, updating a product’s details as they appear on the public registration database and rules for registering new products.

You can view these videos in the registration system help section or on our GEMS Regulator YouTube channel (click the link or search “GEMS Regulator” on YouTube).

We have also updated the content on the relevant pages in the registration system Help section, and added a “Print this Page” button that will enable registrants to print off a particular page rather than having to print off the entire Suppliers Guide.

We have also recently released a video outlining the changes in the new 2018 Electric Motors Determination.

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Future video updates will include product-specific videos, explanatory videos for new Determinations, and Q&A-style videos addressing common registration issues.

If you have any ideas for videos or improvements to the registration system Help section, please contact us here.