6 March 2015

Public Website settings

If you have received an email notifying you that some registrations will soon be marked as unavailable for purchase, this is indicating that you may need to update your registration’s public website information. All approved registrations appear on the public Energy Rating comparison tool and information in your registration is used to indicate the availability of your product.

Previously there was a requirement to update the public website information in your registrations on an annual basis. You have received this email to remind you that the information may need to be updated. We have made some system changes so you will no longer be required to update this information annually; you can update it at any time during the registration period. Registrations are valid for a five year period. The public website information is simply used to reflect the availability of your product on the market to consumers using the comparison tool.

If your product is still on the market and available for purchase, you will need to update the settings in your registration, using the instructions below, so the product details remain on the comparison tool.

If the model is no longer available, no further action is required; the registrations will automatically be marked as ‘unavailable’ on the comparison tool once the nominated date in the registration has passed. Consumers can still view ‘unavailable’ products by selecting the “Include run-out products that are no longer manufactured in or imported into Australia/New Zealand” check-box on the comparison tool.


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How to update your public website settings

  1. Click on the link in your email to open the relevant registration for updating, or search for the record in your Applicant account and click the ‘View/Edit’ link to open it  
  2. Click on the ‘Public Website’ tab Use the date selector to change the “The date this product will be available until” field (as seen above) to your chosen date  
  3. This date must be before the expiry date of your registration, or you may leave it blank if your product will be available for the remainder of the registration period. You may update this information again at any time during the registration period.  
  4. Click the ‘Save Changes’ button at the bottom of your page


Please note that information in a registration can only be updated by an Authorising Officer or Authorised Representative who has access to the Applicant account. If you can’t access the records by clicking the link in your email, you may not hold one of these roles. You will need to be invited by an AO to join the Applicant account. See Section 4.3 of the Suppliers’ User Guide for assistance with this process.

If you require further assistance, please email energyrating@industry.gov.au.