27 January 2016

A Variation is the record of a change made within an Approved Registration. 

There are two types of variations; ‘Change Request’ or ‘Add a model’. 

  • A ‘Change request’ is for correcting or updating details in your Approved registration. 
  • The ‘Add a model’ option is to add a model to your Approved registration, where it meets the family of models requirements for the product type.

While a variation does have a record ID, the variation is still just a record of a change that has been made to your Approved registration. Whether it is an update of details (change request) or the adding of a model, the original Approved registration remains the actual registration and the expiry date can only be found there

For example


Missing media item.

Original Registration:

Missing media item.

More information

For details on how to create a variation, please go to Section 9.4 of the Suppliers’ Guide.