31 August 2017

GEMS registration management

When changing personnel in your organisation, don’t forget to update your applicant account so you can keep track of your registrations. Here is some useful information to help you manage your applicant account.

When the Authorising Officer on an applicant account leaves the organisation, this role needs to be changed to another person in the same organisation. This should be done before the original Authorising Officer leaves, so the new Authorising Officer is able to receive information relating to the account and manage product registrations.

The new Authorising Officer can be an existing Authorised Representative or a new officer within the Applicant organisation. Please see the help page Change a user to an Authorising Officer for further assistance with this process.

If the Authorising Officer has already left the organisation without changing the role of Authorising Officer please email the Energy Rating Team at energyrating@environment.gov.au for assistance and include the user account details for the new Authorising Officer.