19 October 2018

Solar Green Pty Ltd, trading as 'Repo Guys' fined for breach of GEMS Act.

An Australian retailer has received a $50,400 penalty for failing to register models of their products under the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Act 2012 (GEMS Act).

Despite ongoing efforts to assist Solar Green Pty Ltd, trading as ‘Repo Guys’, comply with the registration requirements of the GEMS Act, GEMS inspectors allege the retailer continued to offer four unregistered models of  ‘Frost’ branded refrigerators for supply in the Australian market.

The GEMS Act mandates minimum energy performance standards and labelling requirements for a range of GEMS products used by households and business in Australia today. More efficient appliances and equipment means fewer greenhouse gas emissions, less overall energy use, and significant cost savings to consumers.

“We engage and clearly communicate with our stakeholders to ensure parties are given every chance to voluntarily comply with the GEMS Act,” said GEMS Regulator, Michelle Croker. “GEMS inspectors are ready to assist any party requiring more information about the Act. Where these engagement efforts fail, GEMS inspectors use a range of tools to monitor and enforce the law”.

“We collaborate with other government agencies and undertake a robust market surveillance program to ensure compliance with the GEMS Act. Those who opportunistically or intentionally break the law will be pursued.”

The GEMS Regulator is based in the Australian Government's Department of the Environment and Energy and is responsible for administering the GEMS Act, maintaining the GEMS register, and monitoring and enforcing compliance with the Act.

Queries relating to this matter can be directed to the GEMS Regulator’s office at compliance@gems.gov.au


Further information can be found at www.energyrating.gov.au.