4 May 2018

Displaying the Energy Rating Label (ERL)

While GEMS Inspectors are finding most products are displaying an Energy Rating Label, a number of stores are obscuring the ERL and, consequently, no longer meet GEMS labelling requirements.

ERLs must be visible on all display models, including any boxed models which do not have a corresponding display model on the shop floor. Each GEMS product determination has specific requirements about the ERL and how it must be displayed. In general, the ERL must be on the front, or if that is not possible, on the top of the product when it is on display.

ERLs must not be:

  • covered by promotional material, including price stickers or brand promotions
  • covered with other stickers or labels (such as product barcodes)
  • marked (e.g. written on with texta/marker pens)
  • faded or damaged.

Obscured or damaged Energy Rating Labels do not meet GEMS labelling requirements

GEMS Compliance is working with retailers to rectify any non-compliance. Sales staff should be reminded not to obstruct the ERL in any way. A range of educational resources will soon be available for appliance retailers to provide to staff about complying with labelling requirements.

Rates of obscured labelling are included in the market surveillance report. Contact GEMS Compliance if you require further information about education materials for your retail staff.