14 February 2017

Consultation process underway 

Consultation is now open on the Australian Government’s review of the fees charged to registrants under the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (GEMS) Act 2012.  Registrants, stakeholders of the E3 Program and interested members of the public are invited to provide their views on the issues set out in a consultation paper, by 14 March 2017.  

The review is considering the appropriate level of cost recovery in relation to providing GEMS registration and compliance monitoring and enforcement activities.  It also examines the actual fee revenue and costs in delivering the GEMS scheme to date; and whether the model used to establish the registration fees and fee bands remains appropriate.

The Australian Government’s approval for the national GEMS scheme in 2012 was on the basis of full recovery of the costs of the registration service, and phased-in cost recovery of the compliance monitoring and enforcement activities, with the clear expectation that it would move over time to the full recovery of these costs.

The consultation paper considers two options to move to full cost recovery over the forward estimates (2020-21). It also considers the current fee bands and reallocation of products according to the overall registration and compliance monitoring cost, including check testing.