27 November 2015

Focus on appliance standards and labelling programs


On Monday 16 November, E3 Program officers from the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science in Canberra welcomed a delegation of South African government officials, who were visiting to learn from Australia’s experience in administering an appliance standards and labelling program.   The South African National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications is in the process of building its capacity to implement its Government’s recently introduced compulsory minimum energy performance standards for appliances.

The delegation learnt about how Australia implements its energy efficiency regulations for a variety of products, including lighting, air conditioners, refrigerators, home entertainment, washing machines and water heaters. The Department also shared its experience in managing compliance and monitoring systems.   To conclude their visit the delegation visited a series of retail stores to see how all the theory translates into star ratings on appliances.   For more information about Australia’s appliance energy efficiency policies, visit About the E3 Program.