29 August 2019

Check out Australia's leading sustainable homes

Looking for inspiration and ideas to make your home more energy-efficient and sustainable?

On Sunday 15 September 2019 hundreds of Australia’s leading sustainable homes will be open to visitors for Sustainable House Day. This is your opportunity to see energy efficiency in action. Take a tour, talk to owners and get unbiased first-hand advice from people who have designed, built and renovated sustainable homes.

The Department of the Environment and Energy is collaborating with event organiser, Renew, to provide you with practical information on how you can improve your home’s energy efficiency and sustainability.

All Sustainable House Day homes will have a copy of the Your Home book on display. Your Home is Australia’s authoritative guide to building and designing energy-efficient, sustainable homes that are cheaper to run and comfortable to live in. It is developed by experts, verified by government and relied upon by industry.

Homes that have achieved high Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme ( NatHERS) star ratings will be on display.

Find a sustainable house near you.