27 March 2017

GEMS compliance results

The GEMS Regulator recently completed Stage 1 check testing on 13 television models.  Four of the models failed to meet one or more GEMS requirements.

Three models failed to meet the requirement to display an on-screen warning when the model is set in “store mode”.  Models set in store mode are often brighter and use more energy than other modes such as “home mode”.   As such, Section 8(1)(e) of the GEMS Determination requires that manufacturers configure the television sets such that whenever the set is switched on in ‘store’ mode, an on-screen warning to that effect appears on the screen. The warning needs to be of adequate size and remain on the screen for a sufficient time to be meaningful to the viewer.  When notified of the results, one supplier elected to cancel the model’s registration and that model (Wintal 32LED16HD) can no longer be offered for supply.  Another supplier (Tempo Australia in relation to Hitachi UZ507000) created a downloadable software available on their website to correct the issue.  The software is available from here.  The GEMS Regulator is working to resolve the matter with a third supplier.

One model failed to meet the GEMS labelling requirements with the tested projected annual energy consumption exceeding the suppliers declared value on the Energy Rating Label by 11.8 per cent.  The GEMS Regulator is working with the supplier on next steps.

The GEMS Regulator reminds suppliers to ensure that products supplied into the market meet all GEMS requirements set out in the GEMS (Televisions) Determination 2013.

More information on the GEMS Check Testing program is available here.