31 July 2019

COAG Energy Council to consider options for improving existing buildings

As part of the COAG Energy Ministers’ Trajectory for Low Energy Buildings, it was agreed that the COAG Energy Council will consider options for improving existing buildings in late 2019.

Workshops are being held through July-August this year in most capital cities to seek stakeholder views on options to improve existing homes and commercial buildings. These workshops are investigating policy options to increase the energy efficiency and reduce the emissions profile of buildings in Australia. They build upon and complement the work undertaken in 2018 that focused on new buildings.

The Trajectory for Low Energy Buildings (the Trajectory) is a national plan that sets a trajectory towards zero energy (and carbon) ready buildings for Australia by 2050. Zero energy (and carbon) ready buildings have an energy efficient thermal shell and appliances, have sufficiently low energy use and have the relevant set-up so they are ‘ready’ to achieve net zero energy (and carbon) usage, if they are combined with renewable or decarbonised energy systems on-site or off-site.

Please email the National Energy Productivity Plan Secretariat to join the stakeholder list and receive updates from the workshops and the next stages of this work