6 July 2018

The GEMS Compliance team are reviewing the Energy Rating website to ensure you can easily access information on monitoring, investigation and enforcement under the GEMS Act.

We will be updating the Check Testing page to provide stakeholders with an overview of check test numbers and results. Detail on the results and any enforcement action will still be available in the check testing reports.

The GEMS Act provides the GEMS Regulator with a range of educative, administrative, civil, and criminal response options. To assist suppliers to better understand these enforcement options, we have prepared an overview which will soon be available on the compliance pages.  Any one, or any combination, of the enforcement responses may be applied to any entity who is found to have contravened the GEMS Act.

The annual GEMS Compliance Monitoring program sets out the GEMS Regulator’s check testing and market surveillance focus. We will soon release the 2018/2019 program which will align with the GEMS Compliance Policy.

If you would like to contact the GEMS Regulator with information about suspected non-compliance, please contact us at E3.Compliance@environment.gov.au.