19 September 2016

New contact details for E3 and GEMS

On Friday 23 September 2016, the GEMS Regulator, Energy Rating Team and E3 Program staff move to a new location with the Department of the Environment and Energy.  Our contact details are changing too, so please take note and stay in touch.

Physical location

We will be located in the John Gorton Building on King Edward Terrace in Parkes, ACT, within the parliamentary triangle.


Most email addresses will change their suffix from @industry.gov.au to @environment.gov.au

This applies to group email addresses such as energyrating@environment.gov.au, E3.compliance@environment.gov.au and EEATSecretariat@environment.gov.au

It also applies to individual’s email addresses, which will use the format firstname.lastname@environment.gov.au

Telephone numbers

Mobile telephone numbers will remain the same.

All landline telephone numbers will change.

For general enquiries, please phone the Department’s switchboard on (02) 6274 1111 to have your call directed to the person or area you wish to speak to. 

Postal address

Our postal address will be:


Appliance Energy Efficiency Branch - Energy Division

The Department of the Environment and Energy

GPO Box 787

Canberra ACT 2601