19 September 2014

Renter’s guide to saving energy and water

Your Energy Savings is excited to announce new translated content.

To improve access to energy savings information for culturally and linguistically diverse communities, Your Energy Savings has added a new Renter’s guide to saving energy and water translated into 32 languages. The guide includes practical actions that can add up to considerable savings. For example:

  • draught-proofing your home can save up to 25 per cent of your energy costs
  • setting the thermostat to even one degree higher (or lower) can reduce the energy used to heat and cool your home by 5 to 10 per cent.

The new translations were funded through a grant application as part of the Australian Government Multicultural Access and Equity policy, with the content translated and checked by accredited translators. They join the earlier translated factsheets 5 bright ideas for saving energy and money in your home.  

About Your Energy Savings (YES)

YourEnergySavings.gov.au organises Australia's government information on energy efficiency and water, waste and travel efficiency, making it accessible and useful so that every household can benefit from energy-saving and sustainability actions at home. YES features:

YES content is easy-to-read and jargon free with all technical terms explained. There are fast facts and links to further resources if you want to do or know more. You can choose what works for you.   For more information visit yourenergysavings.gov.au/translations.