27 November 2015

Thanks to all who participated in the now closed installer/retailer survey on the Zoned Energy Rating Label. These results are now being considered for future research projects.

The Report

Reporting from consumer focus groups and qualitative interviews with installers and retailers undertaken earlier this year has been finalised and published.

The findings

Overall, reactions to the labels were positive. The main findings included:

  • Consumers appreciated the more specific zoned energy efficiency information and believed it would make it easier to make informed product choices and comparisons.
  • Tradespeople interviewed (installers and retailers) were also supportive and agreed that better information would be helpful.
  • There was little difference in reactions between Australia and New Zealand.
  • The general ‘look and feel’ of the label appears to be close to optimal, with only some minor revisions to assist in better and faster comprehension.

As the participants were shown the label without explanation or context, all found it to be initially complex however within a few minutes of review, it could be understood.

The research has helped to show the importance of a communication program in a transition to a ZERL and defined particular areas to focus training and education materials to assist this transition.

More information

For more information about the ZERL refer to the labelling page.