Video: Introducing the Lightbulb Saver App

Choose more energy efficient light bulbs and save money!

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Light Bulb Saver App

Download this app to find out how much you could save just by changing your light bulbs.

The app also provides handy tips about choosing the right lighting for each room in your house.

Lighting represents around 10 per cent of the average household electricity bill. Many households can save hundreds of dollars each year simply by installing more efficient lights.

The app was originally developed by the Swedish Energy Agency and has been customised for use in Australia.

We encourage you to download the free app and let us know what you think. Please provide your feedback to so we can continue to improve it.

Download the free app now on the iTunes (link is external) or Google Play

Video: How To Use The Light Bulb Saver App

This 2 minute video explains the features of the Light Bulb Saver app.

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