Gas heating appliances (including flued and flueless heaters, decorative and ducted products) are not regulated for energy efficiency under the E3 Program.

Gas labels

Labels that appear on gas water heaters are not endorsed or overseen by the E3 Program.

The gas labelling scheme is industry led. Consult the National Certification database on the Gas Technical Regulators Committee website for a list of certified gas space heaters. Please refer any questions to the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association of Australia (GAMAA).

To find out more about your heating and cooling options please refer to the energy.gov.au website.

Regulatory requirements for gas space heaters

There are no MEPS requirements for gas space heaters.

What are we working on?

No regulatory work is currently underway.

Zoned Energy Rating Label

The energy efficiency and performance of a certain appliances can be impacted by where it is installed (location) and other factors such as usage patterns and climate variations, including air temperature, water temperature, frosting, humidity and cloud cover.  The E3 Committee is examining a move to a zone based energy efficiency labelling system for some products or product categories.

Useful Resources

Visit the Australian Government's energy.gov.au website for useful information like: