Low voltage halogen lamps require a transformer to transform the mains supply voltage (240v) down to the required level (usually 12v).

Australia introduced Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) for these transformers in 2010.

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Energy Rating Label


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Transformers & Converters for Halogens



GEMS Determination


* Whilst no Energy Rating Label is required, GEMS labelling requirements do apply. For more information see the relevant GEMS  determination.

Regulatory requirements

Transformers and voltage converters are covered in the GEMS (Transformers and Electronic Step-down Converters for ELV Lamps) Determination in Australia. Product requirements are set out either directly in the determination or the determination refers to the applicable clause in the product standard.

In New Zealand, the detailed requirements for products included in energy-efficiency regulations are outlined in the relevant Australian/New Zealand current product standards.

Standards are available for purchase from SAI Global or www.standards.co.nz

MEPS Requirements

Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS)  requirements for magnetic isolating transformers and electronic step-down converters came into force in Australia from October 2010. This comprises units intended for use with extra-low voltage (ELV) lighting, having a rated load up to 500 VA mains supply input, and single AC or DC ELV output (up to 50V). Efficiency requirements (MEPS levels) are set out in AS/NZS 4879.2.

Test procedures are set out in AS/NZS 4879.1.

MEPS requires a minimum full load efficiency as specified in the table below.

Rated Transformer Power

MEPS Level (% efficiency)

Rated Transformer Power

MEPS Level(% efficiency)

< 200 VA

> 86%

> 200 VA

> 91%

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