On this page you will find information about the Energy Rating Icon, why you should use it and how to use it in print and online.

What is the Energy Rating Icon?

The Energy Rating Icon is a simpler version of the trusted and well recognised Energy Rating Label. Retailers and suppliers are requested to use it to provide energy rating information online and in print advertising, for appliances regulated under the GEMS Act 2012.

Why should retailers and suppliers use the icon?

Consumers want information on the energy efficiency of appliances, both at the point of sale and while they’re researching options.

Rather than create your own icon, you can help your customers by displaying the Energy Rating Icon online and in advertising material, in the same way that you display the Energy Rating Label on regulated products in-store. Using the approved Energy Rating Icon maintains consumer trust and recognition in the brand.


Is the use of the icon mandatory?

No. The GEMS Act mandates the display of the Energy Rating Label in stores on some regulated products, but the use of the Energy Rating Icon in advertising and online is currently voluntary.

However, as online sales increase it makes sense that the Energy Rating Icon is displayed online (at the point of sale), consistent with labels being displayed in stores. This voluntary approach is being reviewed by the EEAT to assess if further steps are needed to achieve uptake.

Which products can display the Icon?

The Energy Rating Icon can be applied to all products that display the Energy Rating Label in stores. These appliances are:

  • air conditioners (single phase, non-ducted)
  • clothes washers
  • clothes dryers
  • dishwashers
  • televisions
  • computer monitors
  • pool pumps
  • refrigerators
  • freezers.

I want to use the icon. What do I have to do?

Displaying the icon is simple, using an Application Programming Interface (API).  The API provides simple integration with retail websites linking individual products directly to their corresponding Energy Rating Icon and star rating. The energy consumption can also be displayed with some additional code. Find out more below.

What does the API include?

The range of information included in the API for each product is contained in a ‘data dictionary'.  Select the product of interest below to download the relevant file:



To use the icon online:

  1. Download the seven data extracts from data.gov.au
  2. A PNG file of the relevant icon for each product will generate in the data extract
  3. Provide to your technical online team to implement for all labelled products
  4. Display the Energy Rating Icon on or near the product image or product description, ensuring that the consumer can easily view the icon before online purchase
  5. Display the kilowatt/hours energy consumption on the bottom yellow border of the Energy Rating Icon.  You can use this CSS code to overlay the energy consumption figure on the icon image, or an alternative method

If you would like to access the PNG files of the icon images for web and online use, without the dataset, you can download the PNG file of the appropriate icon below.

Support and feedback

If you are having difficulty, or would like to provide feedback on improvements that could be made to this process, please email EnergyRating@industry.gov.au.

Displaying kilowatt/hours information on the icon


The Energy Rating Icon is based on the top half of the Energy Rating Label and as such does not include the kilowatt/hours of the appliance in the graphics file. Retailers are requested to add the kilowatt/hours consumption figure to the icon using this pre-generated CSS code or alternative method. This code will place the kilowatt/hours over the icon to make the energy consumption figure appear as if it is part of the image.

Download the CSS code for Energy Consumption data

Zoned energy rating icons (JPEG)