Market surveillance refers to activities undertaken by GEMS inspectors to ensure that models of GEMS products meet GEMS registration and labelling requirements once in the marketplace.

It is focused on retailers, suppliers, importers, and where applicable, manufacturers. Market surveillance is also conducted to ensure that GEMS products offered for supply on-line meet GEMS registration requirements.

All models of GEMS products supplied or offered for supply must be registered under the GEMS Act against the relevant determination and comply with any GEMS labelling requirements. However, not all GEMS products are required to display the familiar energy rating label. Some products, for example, computers and digital television set-top boxes have no GEMS labelling requirements; whilst others, like external power supplies, must display an energy performance mark. Further information is available from the relevant GEMS determination.

Market surveillance program

Market surveillance activities are conducted at various times and locations throughout the year. The GEMS Compliance Monitoring Program outlines the GEMS Regulator’s market surveillance focus.