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Tips for using your air conditioner efficiently

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Running your air conditioner efficiently

  • Choose the right temperature

    Consider what temperature to run your air conditioner at. Each degree of extra heating in winter or cooling in summer increases energy consumption by about 5-10%.

  • Reduce the space

    The smaller the space is, the less work your air conditioner will have to do to heat or cool it. When you are running your air conditioner, close off any unused areas to prevent wasted energy.

  • Install insulation

    Effective insulation keeps the cool or warm air in the room and lessens the impact that outside temperatures have on your room. You can also use heavy curtains and shading to either lower or raise the temperature of the room so that your air conditioner does not have to work as hard to get to the desired climate.

  • Use ceiling fans for circulation

    Ceiling fans are an effective and efficient way to circulate the air from the air conditioner around the room. They lessen the amount of work the air conditioner has to do, saving you energy and money in electricity bills.

  • Take advantage of sleep mode

    If your air conditioner has sleep mode, make sure this is activated during the night. It will automatically increase the temperature setting during the night when your body needs less cooling. This way you can still be comfortable at night and know that you are not wasting energy and money on air conditioner use.

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