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Minimum Energy Performance Standards

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The Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Act 2012 (GEMS Act) sets the energy efficiency requirements that appliances and equipment must meet to be supplied in Australia. 

This includes whether a product must meet Minimum Energy Performance Standards, as well as whether it must display an Energy Rating Label.

The GEMS Act sets these requirements through published Determinations for each product type covered by the Act.

See Legislative framework for more information about the GEMS Act and Determinations.

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What are Minimum Energy Performance Standards?

Minimum Energy Performance Standards specify the minimum level of energy performance that appliances and equipment must meet or exceed before they can be supplied or used for commercial purposes.

Minimum Energy Performance Standards are an effective way to increase the energy efficiency of products in Australia. They ensure that products available for purchase use less energy and have lower running costs over their lifetime.

The Australian and New Zealand governments work together with industry and stakeholders to develop Minimum Energy Performance Standards. They may reference separately published Australian or international standards. Minimum Energy Performance Standards are reviewed periodically to ensure they are effective and benefit the Australian community.

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